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Accelerate Your Biz

Looking to EXPAND YOUR BRAND? Confused about why you're not dominating it on social media?

By having a plan and utilizing social media strategically you can spend more time on your biz and less time online and drive the right people to your website and form the tribe of your dreams.


4 Week Course $97  $67 (Includes full access to me for 4 weeks from the start of signup) 

Tired of spending hours on social media with nothing to show for it?

Your time is precious! What if you could have a system in place in just a few weeks that would free up your time & get your business heard at the same time? The goal... To find clarity and purpose using creative digital marketing to create brand awareness.

Why I created this course...


I understand how important & valuable your time is.  My goal is to create easily digestible information through a variety of formats including audio files, Q&A sessions and worksheets so that you can get through this course easily and efficiently. 


I want you to have the confidence you need to get out there and take control of your social media marketing and not have to spend hours and hours trying to figure things out.


You'll also have access to a private FB group filled with entrepreneurs, just like you, looking to connect and grow. I will also be there to help and guide you through any questions you have. During our 4 weeks together, I'll send you accountability emails to help you continue to grow, thrive and stay on track.


Module 1: Defining Your Goals

  1. Getting Specific on Your Message's "Why"
  2. How to Define Your Goals
  3. Defining your Core Values
  4. Digital Mapping Your Customers.  Understand your vision for your audience.
  5. Branding Guidance, why it's important and what you should be doing

Module 2: Locating Your Tribe

  1. Getting specific with your ideal client
  2. Exactly where to find the people you need to be connecting 
  3. How to go about building your tribe

Module 3: Which Network to Start Communicating

  1. Choosing the right network
  2. How many social accounts you need to work with
  3. Creating a plan
  4. How to create the perfect content calendar

Module 4: Creating a workflow :An easy to implement process that will keep your time in check and your work easily accessible.

  1. How to automate your social media
  2. Making social media work with you & not the other way around

Downloadable Fill-In-The-Blank Resources, this is the icing on the cake.  In order to really get all these moving pieces in sync, you need to be hands on.


Here's what will happen.

  1. When you sign up you will have full access to the course.

  2. This course is designed to give you weekly accountability actions and emails from me to make sure you're on track.

  3. I'll send you a link to join the exclusive Facebook group.


We're also going to extend lifetime access to this course, the supportive FB page AND early bird access discounts to upcoming courses! You can do this course over and over again with no pressure to complete it within our time frame.